We promote long term relationships with our farmers


At Caffè Monte, we are committed to creating an environment that will last for future generations. We implement recyclable and reusable packaging programs to lesson the impact on our planet and support an ethical and sustainable future.

Growing Relationships

Coffee sourced ethically can create healthy lives for many people now and in the future. We promote long term relationships with our farmers to ensure that they are treated with utmost care. Creating a sustainable future leaves a better foundation for our children to inherit.

Dignity and Respect

Coffee is centered in humanity. We respect the intrinsic and invested value of each human in the global coffee chain and believe in sourcing ethically and being responsible for the well-being of our farmers and their crops.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back to the environment that produced us these premium beans. With creating long lasting relationships with our farmers throughout the world, this means we can source fairtrade and organic coffees ethically and give back to those in need.