Welcome to Caffè Monte Roasted at 3800 Feet

We bring together art and science by a team of passionate coffee leaders to create exceptional coffee. Since twenty-fourteen we have been sourcing and roasting the finest specialty coffee. 

From industry-leading coffee science, cafe support and sustainability programs, we're on a passionate journey to deliver that perfect cup across North America. At Caffè Monte, we are committed to the small batch coffee roasting movement. 

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada we are committed to working and sharing our passion with the specialty coffee community. Sourcing only SCA 85+ coffees, we are proud with the relationships we have developed with our farmers and coffee lovers equally.


At Caffè Monte, we not only offer an elevated experience, but we roast at an elevation of 3800 Feet above sea level. What does this do?

Who is Caffè Monte

We are passionate about coffee just like you! Committed to small batch roasting at 3800 feet and sourcing only the finest specialty coffee in North America.


Sustainable Coffee starts with a relationship with our farmers to our café partners. Making sustainable choices is the foundation to the future of coffee.


For us, exceptional is found in our partnerships, we genuinely care about your business and want to see you grow! Partnering with Cafes & Distributors across north America.


Exceptional starts by sourcing the best coffee, bringing out its potential in the roast and extracting all that goodness into the cup.


Your Green. Your Coffee. Your Bag. Our Roaster.

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