Specializing in custom small batch coffee roasting.

We work with Cafes, hotels, and restaurants throughout Alberta. We offer our clients custom programs like no other. If its equipment, custom coffee, or café consulting we are here to help.




About Caffè Monte Bean to Cup & Filter Coffee

A Premium Craft Coffee Roaster

Caffè Monte is a specialty Coffee roaster that is nestled in the Foothills of the Rockies where our team gathers enthusiastically to create the perfect fresh cup. We are a team of individuals who share our passion for Coffee in every cup that is delivered to our Partners. We take great care in inspecting and selecting the highest quality beans and with our pristine and precision roasting, we can provide you with supreme consistency and an exceptional Coffee experience of optimal flavour. Being a craft Coffee roaster means that our Coffee is an art that requires special skills and time consuming procedures, from the picking of the Coffee cherry to the Coffee bean that travels to our roaster, to bring to you a premium craft experience. Our roaster is dedicated to the craft of roasting so that we can pass on to you the highest quality Coffee for your café. We demand that each cup delivers the highest level of excellence backed up with our outstanding customer service. We know what’s in our cup, do you?

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Supreme Flavor

Caffè Monte understands what each client demands in the perfect cup of coffee. That is why we as a Calgary Coffee Roaster, roasts to perfection. We know our beans. That is why we work directly with suppliers to give you the ultimate quality. With our wide range of premium blends, we have no hesitation that we can suit every barista's taste. Let us help you choose your ideal roast.

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Value for Money

Caffè Monte with its experience, sources premium beans without a premium price. With our unique range of beans and filter coffee we can offer you a great variety. With Caffè Monte, you can enjoy a great tasting drink without the price tag.

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Bespoke Solution

Caffè Monte believes in an ideal solution to give you your ultimate coffee experience. We tailor to meet your requirements for your ideal package and specific needs. With our extensive range of options, we will personalize the best refreshment options.

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Ethically Sourced

Caffè Monte works directly with the suppliers to make sure we source Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade products. With this kind of relationship, we can make sure that we are doing the utmost to create an ideal coffee blend for everyone. This will give you peace of mind when you know our coffee fulfils every need.

We Know Our Beans

Looking to captivate an experience like none other?

With the Caffe Monte experience, we can guarantee that you will captivate you clients, as well as boosting your company’s morale with a premium service. Watch our video to gain inspiration of how we can help you to gain a better experience.

Our Caffè Monte Blends

We source only specialty coffee beans working with direct trade with farmers.

Craft Coffee

Our regular Craft Coffee is sourced from farms and plantations around the world, including special regions of Africa, Central and Latin America, Europe and Jamaica. Creating the perfect blend is our art. We only roast the highest quality beans to create for you a perfect, full bodied cup of Coffee.

Exotic, Single Origin, and Fairtrade Organic

Our premium Craft Coffee is a unique range whose beans can only be found in remote locations. These beans are sourced from farms and plantations in the regions of Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Kona, Nicaragua and The Blue Mountains in Jamaica. Our Fairtrade coffee beans are sourced from small scaled farmers which helps support the farmers and their workers. These farmers are Fairtrade Certified and most of their Coffee beans are organic. These organic Coffee beans create a full body Coffee like none other.

Craft Espresso

Our Espresso range includes many premium Espresso’s and European Styled Espresso’s to create the full taste profile to suit your customers. With our team, having spent time in Italy, we can provide you with that perfect consistency demanded by your Espresso customers.

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