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Supreme Flavor

Caffè Monte understands what each client demands in the perfect cup of coffee. That is why we as a Calgary Coffee Roaster, roasts to perfection. We know our beans. That is why we work directly with suppliers to give you the ultimate quality. With our wide range of premium blends, we have no hesitation that we can suit every barista's taste. Let us help you choose your ideal roast.

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Value for Money

Caffè Monte with its experience, sources premium beans without a premium price. With our unique range of beans and filter coffee we can offer you a great variety. With Caffè Monte, you can enjoy a great tasting drink without the price tag.

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Bespoke Solution

Caffè Monte believes in an ideal solution to give you your ultimate coffee experience. We tailor to meet your requirements for your ideal package and specific needs. With our extensive range of options, we will personalize the best refreshment options.

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Ethically Sourced

Caffè Monte works directly with the suppliers to make sure we source Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade products. With this kind of relationship, we can make sure that we are doing the utmost to create an ideal coffee blend for everyone. This will give you peace of mind when you know our coffee fulfils every need.

We Know Our Beans

Looking to captivate an experience like none other?

With the Caffe Monte experience, we can guarantee that you will captivate you clients, as well as boosting your company’s morale with a premium service. Watch our video to gain inspiration of how we can help you to gain a better experience.

Our Caffè Monte Blends


Available in beans and filter coffee


Strictly high grade Colombian beans are used to create this coffee with a full body, medium acidity and smooth finish. With a reputation as the best beans in the world, this medium roast was chosen to produce a well-balanced coffee.

Origin(s): Colombia


This South American blend uses only the highest grade beans available and is noted for its full body and richness. It contains a good balance, acidity, body, and character. The medium roast profile creates a coffee with hints of spice and nutty overtones.

Origin(s): Guatemala, Peru and Costa Rica


A true decaf coffee that is full of flavour and has a smooth aftertaste. With traits of Colombian beans, this is the perfect decaf.

Origin(s): Colombia


A South American blend with a sharp flavour, chocolate like aroma and a smooth yet rich finish. This dark roast profile was created specifically to bring out a strong and bittersweet combination of flavours while maintaining a smooth finish.

Origin(s): Brazil, Peru and Nicaragua


A blend of South American and African beans, with a smooth flavor, medium body and superb finish. This medium roast profile was chosen to create a mild coffee for even the most discerning palate.

Origin(s): Ethiopia, Guatemala and Nicaragua


Available in beans only





A carefully selected blend of African coffees creates this truly unique espresso with low acidity, rich body and layers of flavor. Our dark roast profile was chosen to maintain the taste profile of traditional espressos.

Origin(s): Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya


This European style espresso is a blend of high grade South American beans and has become a favorite among traditional espresso lovers. A dark roast profile was selected to create a full body, with a bold taste, hints of chocolate and a beautifully smooth finish.

Origin(s): Guatemala, Brazil and Honduras


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